7 cars that hijackers are targetting in South Africa – with one new addition

Over the course of 2023 and into the new year, security groups noted seven vehicle models in the crosshairs of hijackers across South Africa – including one that launched just over two years ago. Fidelity Services Group confirmed that while vehicle hijackings are increasing in general, the group has not experienced any particular spikes in […]

Which cars are stolen the most in South Africa?

Is your car on the shopping list of South Africa’s brazen car thieves? Compare the list of the most commonly stolen cars with the bestselling cars and you’ll notice that this country’s thieves seem to favour the same vehicles as most of the honest population. Let’s look at the most frequently stolen or hijacked vehicles […]

Vehicles with keyless systems targeted in new car theft trend

Johannesburg – Your car’s keyless entry and start system might seem sophisticated, and it certainly is, but you might be surprised to learn how easy it is for cybercriminals to circumvent it. A recent episode of “Carte Blanche” brought attention to a new gimmick where brazen car thieves are making off with high-end keyless cars […]